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Inclusion, Disabilities, and Informal Science Learning


“This report provides a summary of the investigations and inquiries of the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education Access Inquiry Group (CAISE AIG), which was commissioned in 2008 to survey the ISE field in order to answer the following questions:

1) In what ways has the ISE field worked to include people with disabilities in informal science learning?

2) What does prior work tell us about actions that should be taken in the future?

The group explored current practices of ISE professionals that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in informal science learning and then developed a framework for refining future practices. The resulting report is intended for funders of informal science learning programs, future proposal writers, peer reviewers, evaluators, and professionals who design and implement ISE programs, exhibits, and technologies. It also addresses the multiple venues through which informal science experiences are provided, including science museums, youth and community programs, and media and technology.” (Reich, Prince, Rubin, & Steiner)