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Beginners Guide
Two Ways To Create Multitouch Exhibits

Choose your development path:
Authors and Editors can create exhibits in CML, GML, and CSS.
Developers can create exhibits in ActionScript.

Beginners Guide <div>Two Ways To Create Multitouch Exhibits</div>
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What Is CML?
How Creative Markup Language Works

CML is a new standard for creating multitouch, multiuser exhibits through markup. View the infographic below to get a basic understanding of CML.

What Is CML? <div>How Creative Markup Language Works</div>

Tutorials at the GestureWorks Wiki

Visit the Open Exhibits (GestureWorks Flash) Tutorials section on the GestureWorks Wiki to find a comprehensive set of tutorials. Covered topics range from setting up your development environment to creating objects with Creative Markup Language (CML), and many more.