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Many Voices Making Choices: Museum Audiences with Disabilities


“One in five Australians has some type of disability. People with disabilities repre­sent a large, diverse and important audience for museums and galleries. The aim of this study is to give voice to the views of visitors with disabilities and suggest ways in which museums and galleries can better support their access needs.

Overall, it was found that people with a disability are supportive of museums and galleries, they are motivated visitors and see museums and galleries as excel­lent environments for learning, education and social interaction. People with a disability have strong networks and often visit in groups or with friends and family.

Ensuring their access needs are met offers the potential for museums to increase both visitor numbers and the diversity of their audience. In addition, by finding better ways to meet the needs of visitors with disabilities, museums and galleries will be improving the visiting experience for all visitor groups.” (Landman, Fishburn, Kelly, & Tonkin)